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Poseidon P10

Introducing the
New Poseidon P10

10' High Sectional Barge

  • Deck Barge Strength with Sectional
    Barge over the road mobility
  • Deck Point Load Capacity 20,000 lbs per square foot
  • Tops fabricated with a patented Roll Form Non-Skid Deck Material
  • Holds larger cranes & heavier picks with a smaller foot print
  • Exterior Coated with Marine Grade Baril Marine Coating

Poseidon Barge Corporation serves the Heavy Highway Construction Contractors, Dredging Contractors, Marine Contractors and Diving Contractors.
The Poseidon Barge is easily transported by truck making them convenient for projects on inland rivers and lakes. Several stock locations and the ability to haul two Poseidon I barges on step deck trailers saves you money and time.

Poseidon Sectional Barges are manufactured for lasting quality and design. Our fabrication process includes coating the interior with a vegetable oil base rust inhibitor and two-part epoxy exterior. Some of our competitors only offer these as an upgrade.

Our staff can assist you in determining the number of the barges needed for your project, set up for efficient use and transportation to and from your project.

It is our desire to give you prompt, friendly and professional service throughout your project planning, bidding and construction.

Poseidon Barge News


March 11th, 2014


Thank you for visiting us at CONEXPO – CON/AGG 2014!!  Introducing the new P10 – 44′ & 22′ x 11′ x 10′ tall Heavy Duty Sectional Barge.  The P10 Barge gives the mobility advantage of truckable Sectional Barges with the size and strength of a standard deck barge.

The New P10 44' x 11' x 10' Sectional Barge

The New P10 44′ x 11′ x 10′ Sectional Barge

The P10 – 44′ x 11′ x 10′ barge will float 68 tons at 6′ draft.  The top deck is fabricated with a patented roll form deck providing 30,000 psf point load capacity.  The interior is coated with a vegatable oil base bio-float material.  The exterior also includes counter sunk zinc anodes for additional corrosion protection. Poseidon Barge offers engineering support to assist you with project planning and stability analysis.  Call Poseidon Barge at 866-99- Barge for pricing and availability!  Thanks for stopping by at ConExpo 2014, Las Vegas!

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January 10th, 2014

DSC_6633-wNicholson Construction is doing work in Burlington, Kansas using the Poseidon 2 – 7′ Barges.

Contact Poseidon Barge at 866-992-2743 for pricing and availability.

We will see you at the upcoming Con-Expo in Las Vegas, March 4th – 8th in the Gold Lot.

13-14-13 Tug at Drill Barge (2)-w

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Rasmussen is now our Western Dealer / Distributor

April 23rd, 2013

Rasmussen Equipment / Rasmussen Portabarge Company, LLC is now our dealer for Western US & Canada!  Contact Cherise Rasmussen McAuley at (800) 227-7920

Rasmussen Portabarge Company, LLC
Cherise Rasmussen McAuley
PH: 800-227-7920

Poseidon Barge is pleased to announce Rasmussen Equipment, Blue Water Marine & Rasmussen Portabarge Company LLC  is now the Poseidon Barge distributor for the Western US as well as Western Canada.  Founded in 1930, Rasmussen has a long history of providing the best service possible in the fishing, logging, construction and marine industries.   Rasmussen services the Western US and Canada selling logging and marine equipment, Skagit deck winches, hoists of all types and Poseidon Barge ProductsPoseidon Barge products include the Poseidon P2-7’ & 5’ flexifloat® compatible barges, the Poseidon P1 – 5’ & 4’ barges, Poseidon Sea Bee Barge Pushers & Winch systems.  Since Rasmussen already serviced and sold to the same customers, it seemed a natural fit to expand their territory.  Contact  Cherise Rasmussen McAuley at (800) 227-7920 or (206) 762-3700 or  In addition to their location in Seattle, WA, Rasmussen will have inventory location in Anderson, CA, near Vallejo, CA and Irvine, CA.   Poseidon will update address locations as they become available.


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