Poseidon P2-7′ Sectional Barges on the Fox River Project

Unique is the word to best describe the applications Poseidon Barge sees their Portable Sectional Barges to being used in. “As contractors see firsthand the versatility of our barges, they begin to think outside the box,” comments Scott Sprunger, Central US Sales Representative. “Each inquiry brings a unique opportunity to use the product in new and exciting ways. We like to be able to demonstrate how our barges can adapt to any situation and highlight their strength at the same time. Poseidon’s have much more muscle than what were available to contractors in the past.”

Highlighting could be an understatement in terms of the strength of the Poseidon Barges when referring to a current project in Green Bay, WI. Poseidon’s P2 7ft model are being utilized by La Crosse, WI based marine contractor, JF Brennan in an environmental remediation on Fox River. “When JF Brennan’s representatives asked us if we thought our 7 ft barges would be capable of handling the materials they needed at Fox River, I immediately knew they would,” Sprunger said. “We designed our barges for the heavy tasks. This is definitely one.” Poseidon Barge utilizes a patented roll form material that gives the barges a deck strength of 4 times that of the competition when measured in lbs per square foot. “This is a huge advantage to the contractor. More material, means less trips up and down the river. Less trips means more time actually working towards completion of the project. It’s a big win for the contractor.”


Wood Mats protect the deck from damage

JF Brennan is utilizing a number of Portable Sectional Barges to transport nearly 200 tons of aggregate to aid in the completion of the PCB remediation at Fox River. One end of the deck has rakes installed to allow the barge to maneuver easily up the busy river that runs through the center of Green Bay. Poseidon ‘s engineers worked with JF Brennan to understand the diameter and weight of the material being placed, and also how it would be loaded and unloaded.

“The JF Brennan team was great in providing answers to our questions. Sometimes contractors don’t understand why we are asking about so many of the details,” Sprunger said. “We have the contractors’ safety, and their success in mind when we ask these questions.”

“I saw firsthand the precision and care that JF Brennan’s operators have exercised on this project. Every action is well thoroughly planned, and it shows.” Sprunger said. An operator places the material on the deck, filling the surface to a predetermined height. Then a tug moves the entire barge to the site where it is unloaded with the same discipline. “JF Brennan seems pleased with the results as they strive to complete this very important project.”

img_1092-wPoseidon Barge rents and sells a variety of size and styles of Portable Sectional Barges. “4ft, 5ft, 7ft, and 10 ft barge depths allow us to meet a variety of customer needs. Whether it’s floating 2 million pounds of crane and material in the Chicago River, or only a couple of men painting a bridge; we got it covered.” Sprunger says, “We look at every opportunity as a chance to prove who we are and to please our customers.”

Poseidon Barge is a Portable Sectional Barge manufacturing located in Northeast Indiana. Their barges and accessories are for sale or rent. They can be reach at 866-992-2743 or by visiting their website at www.poseidonbarge.com

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  1. John Deaton says:

    Is Poseidon still hiring welders?

  2. Grace says:

    Thank you for your interest in Poseidon Barge. Please contact Amy Tumbleson at atumbleson@poseidonbarge.com for information concerning welding positions at the Berne, IN facility. Email your resume to: applicants@poseidonbarge.com or call 1-260-422-8767

    See our job postings on Indeed.com

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