Modulaarinen Proomu Komponenttien tarvikkeet

Modular Barge System Accessories for Sectional Barges:

Poseidon® Barge provides accessories suitable for our modular barge system. These accessories are a perfect fit when used with our sectional barges, to make using them even easier to use in rivers, lakes and other marine environments!

The contractor must rent or purchase crane mats from Poseidon® Barge or supply and use Hardwood 8” – 12” crane mats when using cranes, excavators or any other pieces of equipment with steel crawler tracks or rubber tires. Wood mats give traction to your equipment as well as spreading the point load of your equipment over a greater area of the barge platform. Wood mats will prevent damage to the deck of the barge which will result in costly charge backs to you at the end of the project.

Poseidon Barge Sea Bee Pusher Patent # 8,327,789

The Poseidon® Barge Sea Bee Pusher eliminates the need for a tug boat, out board engine or push boat. One man can move the platform around the project as well as perform other tasks. The pusher is a simple key start, forward & reverse and has 180 degree turning capacity. Keulapotkurin nostetaan hydraulisesti antaa operaattorille mahdollisuuden välttää maahan yksikön ja vahingoittamatta potkuri.

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