Poseidon Barge on Locally Made Monday

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Even though Berne, Indiana is hundreds of miles from the ocean, Poseidon Barge is one of the nation’s largest producers of water barges.

Source: Locally Made Monday – Poseidon Barge

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Poseidon® Barge – Versatility Defined

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

Poseidon® Barges being used as a helipad in downtown Boston.

Poseidon® Barges are used as a helipad in downtown Boston. Creative solutions for any situation is our business!

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Tuesday, October 18th, 2016


Poseidon P2-7′ Sectional Barges on the Fox River Project

Unique is the word to best describe the applications Poseidon Barge sees their Portable Sectional Barges to being used in. “As contractors see firsthand the versatility of our barges, they begin to think outside the box,” comments Scott Sprunger, Central US Sales Representative. “Each inquiry brings a unique opportunity to use the product in new and exciting ways. We like to be able to demonstrate how our barges can adapt to any situation and highlight their strength at the same time. Poseidon’s have much more muscle than what were available to contractors in the past.”

Highlighting could be an understatement in terms of the strength of the Poseidon Barges when referring to a current project in Green Bay, WI. Poseidon’s P2 7ft model are being utilized by La Crosse, WI based marine contractor, JF Brennan in an environmental remediation on Fox River. “When JF Brennan’s representatives asked us if we thought our 7 ft barges would be capable of handling the materials they needed at Fox River, I immediately knew they would,” Sprunger said. “We designed our barges for the heavy tasks. This is definitely one.” Poseidon Barge utilizes a patented roll form material that gives the barges a deck strength of 4 times that of the competition when measured in lbs per square foot. “This is a huge advantage to the contractor. More material, means less trips up and down the river. Less trips means more time actually working towards completion of the project. It’s a big win for the contractor.”

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NE Remsco Uses P10 Barges

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

New Bridge Replaces Deficient 1920s-Vintage Structure

Northeast Remsco, Farmingdale, NJ using Poseidon P10 Barges

Northeast Remsco, Farmingdale, NJ using Poseidon P10 Barges

Passaic County, NJ officials are replacing the West Brook Road Bridge which connects the boroughs of Ringwood and Wanaque, separated by the Wanaque Reservoir. With $28.7 million in federal aid funding, the project is slated for completion in 2017. Construction of the new structure will begin this summer.

The existing bridge, built in 1926, is a 7-span, simply supported concrete T-girder bridge cast monolithically with a reinforced concrete deck. It is being replaced by a 3-span, continuous variable depth steel plate girder structure, approximately 650 ft long, with a reinforced concrete deck.  The bridge profile will be set to provide a minimum of 6 feet of vertical clearance over the 100-year pool elevation.

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Wednesday, May 20th, 2015


Poseidon® Barge, Fort Wayne, IN is playing a prominent role in the Chicago downtown improvements.  Chicago Steel approached Poseidon with the challenge of floating their Manitowoc 888 Ringer Crane on the Chicago River.  Chicago Steel is subcontracted by Clark Construction.

Clark was contracted to build the 54 story, 1.2 million square feet, 150 North Riverside Project, designed by Goettsch Partners, Inc based in Chicago. The new building is sandwiched between the West Lake Street and West Randolph Street bridges over the Chicago River in downtown Chicago.Poseidon Splash Pic 1

The project parameters required that the crane needed to lift 33 tons using a 300 foot boom floating from a platform on the river.  The Chicago River has heavy commercial barge & recreational craft traffic requiring that half of the river remain open.  This requirement restricted the size of the crane platform adding another challenge to the project.  In addition, the crane and platform had to meet strict railroad safety parameters requiring a larger crane and lift capacity for the project.  The North Riverside building is being constructed over seven active commuter & Amtrak rail lines.  Chicago Steel & Clark Construction is using the crane to construct the lower floors of the building.  After completion of the lower floors, tower cranes will be assemble to complete the building.

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Wednesday, May 21st, 2014


Poseidon® Barge has expanded it’s production capabilities by opening a new production facility in Berne, IN. Poseidon® Barge was leasing a smaller property across the street when this facility became available.


Poseidon® increased it’s production capacity by adding two more production lines.  In addition, the property is large enough to expand in the future.

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