P4 ISO Container Barge

Poseidon Barge Ltd. P4 ISO Container Barge


  • 24” x ¾” Wall Steel Spuds & Spud Pockets. Pockets can be placed anywhere there is a free connection.
  • The units are fabricated with the same outside dimensions of a High Cube shipping container.
  • Standard ISO shipping container corner castings are used in the construction.
  • Units are able to be shipped using standard ISO Container shipping equipment via truck, train, or by ship, saving the customer on freight costs!
  • The decks are an embossed patented roll form material that is 4 times stronger than that of our competition. They are rated at 20,000 lbs per square foot of point load capacity.
  • Standard 18”dia Deck Hatches with a ladder on the interior of the barge.
  • Each barge section is coated with a Baril Zinc Rich Urethane Primer & Premium Mababang Gloss aliphatic polyuria Finish
  • Each section’s interior is coated with a vegetable oil based inhibitor called Bio-Float to reduce interior corrosion.
Dimensions & Weight Of Sizes Available
  • 40’ x 8’ x 9.5’ - 36,400 lbs.
    38 tons at 60% burador

  • Panlabas Mount Spud Pockets
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