Poseidon® Barge P10 Portable Sectional Barge

Poseidon® P10 Modular Barge System, Portable Section Barges:

Poseidon provides new & used portable sectional barges to float cranes, dredges & excavators. Poseidon Sectional Barges are referred to as pontoon, spud, marine, dredge & crane barges. We offer modular barge system rentals and sales.

  • Deck Barge Strength with Sectional Barge over the road mobility
  • Deck Point Load Capacity 20,000 lbs per square foot
  • Tops fabricated with a patented Roll Form Non-Skid Deck Material
  • Holds larger cranes & heavier picks with a smaller foot print
  • Exterior Coated with Marine Grade Baril Marine Coating
  • Interior Coated with Bio-Float Rust Inhibitor
  • Zinc Anodes are welded to the exterior for additional corrosion control
  • Deck Hatches are standard equipment
  • Equipment tie downs fabricated into the deck
  • Spud Pockets equipped with cable sheave
  • US Design Patent No. D740,738
  • 18″ Deck Hatches standard for internal OSHA required inspections #1926.1437

Dimensions & Weight
Of Stock Sizes Available
  • 44' x 11' x 10' - 45,400 lbs.

  • 22' x 11' x 10' - 24,900 lbs.

  • External Mount Spud Pockets

  • 20', 30' or 40' Spuds

  • Double Drum Winches
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