Poseidon Barge Ltd. P1 Set Up Tips

Attach all of the barge sections together before pinning the spud pockets to the sides of the barge.  Lift the pocket with the crane attaching two shackles to the lifting eyes on the pocket. Connect the pocket to the side of the barge using the yellow pins.  Poseidon Barge Ltd. P1 yellow pins have a thicker web holding the pocket tight against the barge. Barge connection pins are blue. Drop the two yellow pins into the opening formed by the castings to attach the pocket to the barge.

Lower the spud into position after the pocket is attached. The spud is the long pipe used to anchor the barge in place. Lift the spud with a ground release shackle to eliminate a man climbing a ladder and risking injury while disengaging the shackle from the top of the spud. The alternative is to use a long choker and leave it hang on the spud until the project is completed.

A tag line should be tied to the top rope thimble on the end of the barge to assist the crane operator while unloading and loading the trucks. The tag line is also used to pull the barges together during assembly of the deck. When two barges are pulled together, a key hole opening is formed by adjacent castings on the sides or ends of the barges.  A 55 lb. blue pin is dropped into this opening engaging both the top and lower castings on the sides of the barge.  Be careful not to pinch fingers under the pin when positioning the pins.  Secure the barge deck to a near by tree or bridge peer during set up to assure that the platform does not float away in river currents.
When unloading spuds, winch or barge pusher units from the truck, attach 4 long chokers to the support brackets on the frame of the winch and pusher units & two chokers to the spuds. Support the units with a crane line prior to the truck driver loosening and remove the chains or straps securing the unit to the truck. This will insure that the units do not slide off the truck causing injury to those in the immediate area and damage to the equipment. Chokers on the winch & pusher units should be arranged so that the units remain level when they are picked by the crane insuring that diesel fuel does not spill into the water.
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